Receive tips you can use immediately to make a noticeable improvement to your first chapter.


The guide contains clear, strong examples you can relate to and understand. Get answers to the most common questions authors ask.


A checklist is included for self-assessment to find and eliminate troublesome issues. Make your first chapter shine!

What you'll read ...

Why is the first chapter different from the rest?


  • What makes a great hook?
  • Tips for writing your hook.

Point of View

  • What are the types of point of view?
  • Is omniscient point of view a good choice?
  • Who is the main character?
  • Making each POV unique.
  • Tips to nail point of view.

Conflict, choices, and consequences

  • Setting your novel up for success.

And more ...

  • Setting
  • Genre
  • Normal world
  • Plus a handy checklist.